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Always there for you: service from MIAS!



When you opt for a SKYGLOBAL COURIER  product, we are always there for you. Even after you have made your purchase, we provide services to help you utilize your load handling devices or stacker cranes to the best advantage, as well as maintenance and modernization services. We are also the right partner for third-party transportation technology and similar products e.g. lifters and conveyor belts.

In addition to standard services such as replacement parts provision and troubleshooting services such as maintenance and repairs, we also offer consultancy services and training to help you make the best use of the equipment and systems.

  • Duties and Customers are Our top focus, making us an enduring and trusted partner in addressing national priorities for the American people.
  • Leadership is how we set and communicate Our direction, and what makes us a recognized role model in our industry.


  • ExcellenceA is the recognized standard Harrogate Skyglobal Logistic operates, from customer solutions to employee opportunities.
  • Innovation is empowering our employees to recognize opportunities, develop visionary ideas, and create new solutions.


  • Respect for ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers embodies Skyglobal Express's high standard of ethics and promotes solid working relationships.
  • Quality is exemplified in the caliber of people we employ and the value of the important solutions and services we provide for our customers.